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With Sunobi software, our users have sold 31,000+ solar projects, totalling 160+ MW, worth over a billion dollars in value.
“What a beautiful Masterpiece”
Wes, Solar Sun Energy
“Sunobi NEM 3.0 tool is the best and most accurate tool in the industry right now.”
Svetlana Lucemo, Solar Edge
Visually pleasing. I feel like I just stepped out of a video game. I am a gamer myself. This is incredible.
Kayla Ceballos from, Solar Gleam Energy
“When the leader stops learning. The leader stops leading. Sunobi is a Game Changer!”
Jonas, Dynasty Solar
Alain Karatepeyan
Vantage Point Solar
Where teamwork and productivity come together to make magic An all-in-one productivity tool for seamless team collaboration and project management.
Dynasty Solar
First month and I’m committed to this one!
Matt Kronwald
Titan Solar
Sunobi Titan’s up the sales and operations process
Nik Shehaj
Stunning and unique. I can see how a home owner would be surprised by this tool compared to everything else in the market.
This has simplified solar.
Solar Gleam Energy
Sunobi is so dynamic. Integrating partnerships, automating the end results. Adding financing, equipment. The visual is incredible.
Jessica Ofeciar
Dynasty Solar
What has been said over and over again is that 'THE EXPERIENCE' is key and we have it at our fingertips. AMAZING. THANK YOU GUYS!!
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