• Create Surveys

    Create surveys accessible on virtually any device,

    so your customers can tell you what's on their mind

  • Get Instant Feedback

    Your customers give you feedback,

    while they are AT your business, not days later

  • See Instant Results

    Look at customer responses in realtime, anywhere

  • Reap the Benefits

    Feel good about the positive reviews

    Take care of negative issues BEFORE they get online

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Why Sunobi?

Because you care what your customers think

Customer taking survey

Feedback IN your business

Get your customers to take a short survey accessible via smartphone. This ensures you receive feedback when the experience is fresh.

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Get to know your customers

Sunobi is a private feedback system. Which means you can take care of any negative issues before your customers go online to complain.

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Get to know your business

Honest and constructive feedback will allow you to identify trends in your business, like you would with no other tool. Improve your overall effeciency.

How does it work? Take a look

Fully Customizable Survey

You choose what questions you want on your feedback survey


Motivate your customers by offering an incentive or coupon

Easy Setup

There is no hardware or software to buy for you or your customers

Easy Management

Analyze your responses and manage your questions and incentives online, anytime.

Feedback is the breakfast of championsKen Blanchard

Analyze your results

Survey results are available immediately in real-time

Survey Results

An overall star rating tells you how your establishment is doing at a glance. The responses are listed in the order of most recent surveys taken. You can drill down into response details for each question. Find out what your customers are saying about you and why!

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Or in this case, a thousand numbers. See in charts and graphs what the numbers say. Numbes don't lie and here you can see it for yourself. Know where your strengths and weaknesses are!

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